Shorashim Fellowship, Helsinki

Messianic fellowship   -   שמע ישראל יהוה אלוהינו יהוה אחד 

Baruch haba! - Welcome! 

We are a Messianic fellowship in Helsinki (Finland), operating in the capital of the country.
According to Isaiah 56:7,8  we are open to people from all nations, Jews and non-Jews alike.

Etz chayim
Etz Chayim - the Tree of Life, an artwork with the following inscription:
 "My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples. Adonai ELOHIM says, he who gathers Israel's exiles..."  (Isaiah 56:7,8 - CJB, Complete Jewish Bible)
The photo above is from Beth Hallel Messianic congregation,
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

What Shorashim?

Shorashim means roots in Hebrew. We are a Messianic community with people from Finland and also with believers from other nations. We celebrate the biblical holidays and the shabbat, gathering together on Erev Shabbat (Friday evenings) with a biblically kosher potluck meal starting at 18:00 hours.

What Messianic?

We believe that Yeshua is HaMashiach (Jesus is the Messiah), the Goel (Redeemer) who came to redeem Israel and also to become the Saviour for all nations. Just as you can read it in the Brit Hadasha (New Testament), we are

"...not ashamed of the Good News, since it is God’s powerful means of bringing salvation to everyone who keeps on trusting, to the Jew especially, but equally to the Gentile."  (Romans 1:16 - CJB, Complete Jewish Bible) 


What Fridays?

According to the Bible, the Shabbat is the holy day that starts on Friday evening.  Adonai Himself blessed the shabbat and sanctified it:

"On the seventh day God was  finished with His work which he had made, so He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. God blessed the seventh day and separated it as holy..." (Genesis 2:2,3 - CJB


If you happen to be in town on Friday evenings, you are more than welcome to fellowship with us. We usually have an international group of people present, our meeting starts at 18:00 hours.

Our monthly schedule can be found (in Finnish)

Contact info

The address of the venue of our gatherings is Annankatu 100120 Helsinki (downtown), street level hall of the temple of the Free Evangelical Church (the Hotel Anna is in the same building). In case you want to reach us by e-mail, you could send it to the following address:

Shorashim e-mail

You can get in touch with us through the following mobile phone number as well: +358-45-6573967.  If we are  not available momentarily, you can  send an SMS to the same number.

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